Dwór Bieland

You are warmly welcome
In recent years, the accommodation in historic places has been gaining popularity with the visitors. Until recently, the only chance to visit such sites was to take part in a guided tour and listen to the guide's tales concerning their history.Today we can enjoy our visit to the beautifully redecorated interiors,stay overnight in one of the historic rooms, have a meal in the manorial dining room or drink a cup of coffee from the antique Rosenthal's porcelain.We can feel like the wealthy residents in the past, experience the genuine hospitality and enjoy the unique opportunity of seeing the authentic ancient relics; the buidings that have witnessed much history and make a component of different historical periods.

The Guests are now offered such an ideal opportunity at our historic Dwór Bieland.

tel. 55 232 12 27
tel. kom. 601 097 900
82-300 Elbląg
ul. H. Poświatowskiej 1

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